Founded in 2001, Millissime is a young and dynamic public relations and marketing agency specializing in augmenting brand awareness and appreciation of foreign wine companies in the USA.

Our team brings an in-depth knowledge of the American wine trade, proven success in marketing strategy, and extensive press connections. The Millissime staff is trilingual English, French, and Spanish, communicating fluently between foreign clients and the local market.

The Millissime team prides itself on its ability to maximize budgets of all sizes. The agency is experienced in all levels of client management, having effectuated national consumer and advertising campaigns, and targeted single-market actions. We work with the leading specialists in the fields of marketing, event production, and product branding, including:

  • guerrilla marketing promotions
  • web design
  • advertising
  • designers
  • film & video production
  • photography
  • entertainers & talent
  • hospitality & restauration
  • printing & graphic design

Millissime also has an importing branch of fine foods from around the world serving top chefs and gourmet retailers in North America. Please click here for Millissime Importing and Distributing Services